King Saska

King Saska is King of the whole of Grious.


King Saska has no stats.


For hundreds of years constant battle ripped across Grious. Every race and faction vying for power and resources for so long across the planet destroyed many societies and made it nearly impossible for any culture to advance.

King Saska rose to power late during The Unification War due to his pervasive charisma and leadership. A gifted public speaker, tactician, and warrior, King Saska was both feared and respected by his enemies.

It has been said that King Saska was raised a fisherman and was happy with his life until The Unification Wars destroyed his village. In the burnt rubble of his home town King Saska made a vow to end all the chaos. Publicly little detail is known about King Saska or his past and nobody knows if this story is true.

Nobody questions the King and his people are extremely loyal and grateful. Throughout King Saska’s 80 year reign there have been no wars and common folk have a before now unheard of level of life style. Each man woman and child is promised education, medical care, and protection. And for the past 80 years these promises have been kept.

King Saska

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