Game Rules

Character Creation:

  1. Stats: Standard 4D6 drop lowest.
  2. Races: standard starting races are fine if you want substitutions please ask and we will talk.
  3. Starting level: 7
  4. Starting monies: Standard monies for a lvl 7.
  5. Equipment: You may spend your starting gold on just about anything you can afford. I would like to see your equipment list after your purchases are complete and I will veto or pass depending.
  6. Flaws: Yes, Standard limits
  7. ECL”: Yes as long as you do not go above ECL 7
  8. Bonuses: Each character gains +1 rank in Knowledge Plains
  9. Bonuses: Every character gains the “Leadership” Feat as a free bonus feat.
  10. Cohorts and Followers:
    According to your Leadership score you might start the game with a cohort and follower(s). If so create your cohort and followers using the same character creation system shown above while staying within the level limits of the leadership feat and not applying the bonus leadership feat to the cohort or follower(s).

General Rules:

  1. Any official Pathfinder material is allowed.
    Pathfinder SRD
  2. Many DnD 3.5 sources are allowed just ask first.
    DnD 3.5 SRD

Game Rules

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