1. The Planet Grious.
  2. The History of Grious.
  3. Famous people of Grious.

The Planet Grious

Grious is the 6th planet from the sun in a solar system of 20 planets. It is roughly 50% land and 50% water. Weather on Grious is seasonal and changes as the planet spins and revolves around the sun. Climates range from the frigid arctic to burning deserts and all in between. The planet is of average size once boasting rich resources such as minerals, ores, gems, and many renewable resources as well.

Many races inhabit the surface and are currently experiencing an unprecedented period of peaceful relations as the entire globe is governed by a feudal system headed by one man, King Saska.

The technology of the inhabitants has been limited up until recently because of the extended history of conflict. Because of recent changes (geologically speaking) The advancement of science, math, and the arcane fields has expanded at nearly break neck speeds. Gun powder, guns, flying fortresses, limited steam power, and spell jamming vessels are becoming more and more common.
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The history of Grious.

Famous people of Grious.

King Saska


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